Sunday, August 30, 2009

State of the Team for August 30th, 2009

Well today the Athletics lost to the Angels 9-1. This wasn't the most interesting game of all time, but it was entertaining for the first few innings. Brett Anderson's only bad inning was the one he allowed each of the 4 runs he gave up. Other than that Anderson was solid once again, with the bullpen giving up the other 5 runs. Unfortunately this game was only similar to the masterful gem thrown by both Anderson and Lackey on July 19th for about 4+ innings. Baldii Tunter knocked Anderson for a 3-run jack in a 1-1 tie in the 5th. I can't really say what bothers me more about Torii Hunter between how he spells his name, his inability to keep his hat on, or the fact that he's a decent player...probably the last one since he does play for the Angels (although I couldn't stand him on the Twins either). A couple innings later Kendry Morales hit his 89th home run this season against the A's, which should allow him to be the most random of all names to receive an MVP vote at the end of the year. The saddest part about today is that the A's split this series, and today was the Angels only solid win of the series...coming into it, I thought this would be the only game the A's would actually win!

Torii Hunter's many shiny round objects do you see?

In two days we get expanded rosters but A's fans don't have much to look forward to since the organization wants to keep the core of the River Cats intact for their playoff run. Oh well, let's not start the clocks ticking on Wallace and Carter when it doesn't matter. Maybe I'll head up to Sacramento so I can say I watched some playoff baseball that was affiliated with the A's.

Like I said, next big article will be MY Top Prospects.

Comments...or people besides my girlfriend who have read any of this yet?

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