Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Post in Les A's History

This is my first post on my blog "Les' A's." The first post isn't going to have anything to do with the current Oakland Athletics, but more so about this blog...the name, why it exists, what I'm trying to do with evaluations of bad baseball will follow in later posts. Let me first say I'd change the name if I could think of anything better, but the term "Les' A's" goes back to when I was a freshman in high school (8 years ago to right around now) and my evil french teacher would ask the class what we did last night and I would always say I watched the A's game and she would reply "Ahh, Les' A's!" A friend of mine and I still joke about that to this day so I thought I'd name this blog after it. I think it means "The A's" (kidding, I know it does...but I didn't do well with French).

The second thing I'd like to get to is why I have this blog. Well, there's a couple reasons. For one, I'm bored semi-often, and secondly, I have a lot of opinions regarding the A's, and I want to share those with people who care. Too often I'm ranting to disinterested peers because they're fans of the Giants. (I grew up on the peninsula in Giants territory, although my A's fanhood developed as a young boy when I'd visit my dad in Alameda and he'd take me to A's games) I can't complain too much about the people I rant to since they're all smart baseball people for the most part, they just watch a different team. I know if a fan of the Cubs were to complain about their anemic offense and recent collapse, I could care less and might ask what they thought of paying so much for a manager...well that's another story. Either way, this blog is NOT here because I think I'm going to get famous for writing it. Who gets famous for writing about the A's anyway? I don't think the actual beat writers make much more than I do as it is. I'm not trying to get a million hits a day and have 100,000 comments on every one of my posts. Like I said earlier, I want to share this with A'S FANS, and while I doubt a lot of people are going to log onto this page, I would bet the few who actually do are A's fans, and those are exactly the ones I want to hear my opinions. Anyway, this explanations gone on far too long.

As far as my history with blogs goes, I have none. I read a few, but that's it...actually I only read two, Athletics Nation and New A's Ballpark. Unfortunately I don't post on either, but I read the comments (I think that's looked down on the blog world...whatever, I don't care) To be honest, I find the Athletics Nation posters very smart and New A's Ballpark is the only place I ever hear anything new about the stadium situation. It's also run by a pretty smart guy who goes by the name of "Marine Layer." I can honestly say I used to post on the message boards but I'm convinced that if psychiatric hospitals allow internet access, the message boards are the only site the patients are allowed to post in. So either way, I'm new to blogging with a fair experience in getting my opinion across and I suppose I'll need a few more posts before I can truly be evaluated as a rookie blogger.

Most of the people who post on the boards

Well that's it for my first post. Any thoughts, opinions, or people who can actually say they read this?

Coming up next...A quick post on a fans perception on the state of the team (which I will do daily) but I will focus on my take of A's personnel...not players...personnel. Everyone From Lew Wolff to Keith Lieppman to F.P. Santangelo to Marty Lurie and maybe even A's fans. Just one-sentence explanations for a few of them, maybe a little more in depth for others.

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