Monday, November 1, 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and Their Fans

It's a big night on the peninsula for the championship-starved San Francisco Giants, and really, there's arguably no franchise more deserving (I hate saying it). At least the Cubs and Indians won their last one in the city they still play in. For the first time in 4 attempts, the Giants of San Francisco won it all, here in 2010.

I thought they'd be good, but I'll admit I would not have picked them to be the World Series winner. Either way, the dominance of Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain through the NLCS made it clear that they were as close to unstoppable as a team could get. I'm not going to lie - it's hard watching the team the A's share a market go down in history as the best team of 2010 in a year the A's finished 81-81, but it's important to note that the Giants are certainly deserving of all the praise they have received, and will continue receive for their performance this season. I think back to 2002 when the A's had a remarkable season, only to be eliminated by the Twins in the ALDS while the Giants went on to win the National League Pennant. That may have been a little harder because it seemed as if the A's wonderful season was all for naught. This time, the A's didn't have the same success, so in the end, it wasn't quite as hard watching the Giants take it to the elite teams of MLB.

I'm happiest for my friends, who have all followed the Giants closely since I've known them. Through the hardest times they remained loyal to the team, and are the most deserving people I know of a World Series Championship. For the bandwagoners, they are certainly welcome to enjoy the festivities, but it's not as special as it is for the ones who sit through the rough patches. My closest friends are mostly Giants fans, in addition to one avid Red Sox fan, and a couple Mariner fans. Sadly, since I was only 2 years old the last time the A's won it all, only my Seattle-faithful fans join me as the ones who've never seen our team win the World Series. Here's to the hope that neither of our teams are cursed.

It's the hard times that make the good times great. Stick with the team A's fans, and whenever the A's find themselves in the Fall Classic, it will pay to know you were around when it wasn't so great.

By the way, both the Rangers and Giants deserve a ton of props on being able to make it to the World Series after relying on the services of players such as Bengie Molina, Jeff Francoeur, Aaron Rowand, and Edgar Renteria. And oh yeah...does former Athletic Brooks Conrad get a ring too?

Go A's.

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